On May 4th Google made second major updates to its search algorithm this year. It is called “core” updates because this update is a broad update.
Several data companies that monitor the movement of search results on Google they all agree that this is the largest Google core update in the long term. This update is a global update, and it was not specific to any language, category, or region of the website. However, it takes about two weeks to fully roll out.
The question is, what happened to your traffic? You can check your ranking that your site has gone up or down. Hopefully, your ranking has gone up; if it hasn’t, then we have some information that can help. All industries affected, and the least affected websites such as “news.” Many people consider in SEO that high domain authority websites won’t be affected by updates, but it’s not true.

  • Update content on a daily or even weekly basis; if the content is not relatable to a reader, delete the page, and update content to make it more relevant.
  • Add infographics, step by step instructions that make content more useful and actionable.
  • Dead links create a bad user experience, so it is necessary to find out dead links and fix them.
  • Images and videos which you are using in your content make sure that it is according to content, and it is understandable for the audience.
  • Make your article simple and don’t discuss the specific area and time frame. Avoid using complex words that are difficult to understand for the reader.
  • Don’t post duplicate articles or repeat the concepts which you have posted before to your site.

Fix your thin content:

The content is published for ranking, but if the content is not authentic, meaningful, then it does not add real value, this type of content Google considers to be of little value. Google evaluates the quality of web pages, so if your website has lots of thin content pages, it will affect the page rank and Google trust. Users do not trust your website that does not provide them what they want.
Websites with high-quality content have more chances of high ranking with or without SEO. While if your website has low quality or thin content have no chance of ranking. On average, 46% of the websites have at least one page that has thin content. Sites that have thin content there are three-time higher chances of being affected in a negative way. If your website has a few pages, then it is easy to find thin content, but if your website has many pages, it takes a lot of time. You must consider some important factor when identifying the thin content:

    • Check the pages that have little or no text.
    • All the pages that have duplicate content
    • The pages that have no traffic
    • Spelling or grammatical mistakes
    • The topic may be covered in a shallow manner and does not serve any purpose.
    • The content which is not informative for the users

Old pages with little text content:

If your website is old, then many pages of the website have content that is no longer applicable. In this case, you must delete all these pages or remove them from the sitemap. If these pages have incoming links, you can redirect to these links to the most relevant pages. Don’t add the words which are not necessary. Focus on the user experience when you are going to publish the content.

Pages used for navigation purposes only:

There are some pages that are used for navigation purposes only. In this situation, you must apply a ‘no-index’ header tag and remove it from the site map. If the pages do not make sense or it does not provide any value, then you don’t need to update these pages. You just delete these pages.

Fix your SEO errors:

Websites with more SEO errors are impacted greatly. Duplicate meta tags and meta description is a type of error that affects the site’s ranking, and it usually creates problems. Make sure that your content is according to user intent and provide content according to the title.


Google’s goal is to provide the best experience for searchers. You will identify and fix all the issues to create a better user experience. Improve your website’s pages and publish only high-quality content.



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