As a business owner, you set up a digital storefront; what you would like the most in the world is more traffic to your site. All you need is more customers that are interested in buying what you are selling. But the real problem is, how do you draw more customers and get more traffic? There are many ways to boost the traffic, countless marketing strategies, so where do you start to get noticed? What is the tried and true method where you focus your time?
For example, when we are talking about SEO, Google uses 200+ factors in the algorithm, including social signals, user interaction, and trust. How do you know which one to focus on first because it is difficult to focus on all the 200 factors?

Social media marketing helps grow businesses; we will discuss some hacks that help drive qualified traffic, boosting brand awareness that should follow.

You create great content and publish it to build your audience and increase traffic to their website. However, you may get just a few clicks from the piece of content you create and could not get everything. One of the best ways to increase traffic is to use social media to drive as much traffic as possible. Social media is powerful to attract new customers, communicating with your audience, and helps you to generate traffic. You can post your content on social media more than once to drive more traffic.

When you promote a blog post on social media, you will get a certain number of clicks for each share. But when you share the same content for a second time, the result will be different; it does not double the traffic when we share the content a third time, the traffic more than doubles. But the point is you will get more clicks when the post is often shared. The most important question is whether it is ok to share content more than once.

Is it Ok to Reshare Posts More than Once:

Some people don’t like sharing content multiple times, but it works well. The one aspect of marketing is that no one notices everything we do, and no one really cares. Sharing your content more than once is very important to show your updates to your audience. If you share data only once, people may not even notice or read your every post. There are a number of benefits you can get from reposting your content multiple times.

When you share a post multiple times, then it is an easy way to reach more people and get more traffic. If your content has a global audience and is not located entirely in one zone, the reshare is necessary to reach your audience. Sharing content multiple times helps you to attract new customers.

If you want to try sharing posts multiple times, here is the key point which you should follow that can work well. You must slightly reframe the content with an image or link to highlight different aspects of the content that double or even triple the traffic. Every time you post content, try different headlines that work well, and then settle for those headings. When you get the result and engagement of the audience, you can use those headings, which helps you to share content with more people.

How to Not Be a Spammer:

Sharing content multiple times does not mean you should post the content every five minutes. If you installed some plugin and post content once every single hour, it seemed to be spam. This type of strategy does not work, and people start ignoring your content. If you are going to share your content more than once, you must follow some rules such as:

Take your followers into consideration.

When you are posting content, you must consider your audience because you are posting content for your audience.

Always provide value.

When you are posting content more than once, the one thing you must consider is that it provides value to your audience.

Don’t turn into a spammer.

Establish your routine for publishing your content. Post the content on time, which helps you to double your audience.

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How to Share Your Content More than Once making it work:

Step 1 – Develop a Sharing Schedule:

To grow your audience, you need a simple schedule to begin your posting more than once. It is very important to have a schedule for social media posting, which helps your audience to engage and follow. With the schedule, you will consider the following points:

        • What is an acceptable approach for every social media platform? How often we can share data.
        • Whether you can share your data multiple times or specific times. The best timing when you can post content.
        • How I can create variety in social media sharing. Which specific tone you would like to use for your audience.
        • The time which I should put between a new social message and how long content is fresh.

Sharing the same update twice is not recommended; you must adopt a different way to share the content on social media platforms. You should plan your schedule very carefully because if you send one message one right after another, then this is the point where spam comes in to play.
Now let’s discuss when to share and reshare your content. Scheduling is the process of sending a series of messages when your blog is live; your message schedule helps you to get more clicks. A well-executed schedule may contain the following points.

  1. On publish when a blog post goes live then you should send a Social message.
  2. Same day – the next 2-3 hours Initial social messages will be sent to your accounts.
  3. Next day – Messages are shared again on the  different social channels
  4. Next week – pre-scheduled another series of messages and sent the following week
  5. Next month –  pre-scheduled even more social messages are for the following month
  6. Next _____ – for the three-month mark or beyond optionally, additional messages can be scheduled 

This is an important step because it gives you a detailed idea about the promotion of the content.

Benefits of Social Media Scheduling:

Social media scheduling provides different benefits:

  • You have a core audience to different locations around the world; scheduling helps you to reach your audience at the correct time.
  • It helps you to better target your audience, which will reduce your stress and limit the same day posting.
  • You will consistently post your content because inconsistency can harm your brand.

Step 2 – Never Share the Same Message More than Once:

This is a very important step when you are posting content that you should add simple variety that will separate you from the spam. You can add variety by asking questions, including quotes from the post. For example, you can post a tweet by asking a question, attractive post title, cite a fact, share a Quote, and add intrigue. The simple trick adds a lot of variety to the final result. 

The Question:

One simple way to engage your audience is to ask questions to your followers. Ask open-ended questions that lead to a conversation.

Cite a Fact:

Share important facts or insights of your company which highlight the operations or important tasks.

Share a Quote:

Quotes are the best way to highlight the important part of the content. These posts are very effective on any platform to engage followers.

Straight and Easy:

A straight and easy way to post the content is just added an attractive title and link.

These tactics give you the opportunity to check the reader’s engagement. You observe the difference and adopt the techniques which work best for you.

Step 3 – Optimize Content for Each Network:

Every social media platform handles posts differently, so it is very important to handle images and text according to the platform. Using the strength of each network, you can add value to your post. For example, in Twitter posts that include images are more noticeable.

Share your content according to the tone of the platform, which makes sense. You want to share a lookbook then post content on Pinterest that works best for you instead of posting the content on Linkedin won’t work for you. The call to action button helps your audience to take the next step if they are reading your blog post. Your content must clear the audience what you are offering and why it is valuable for them. Unique posts, according to the platform, may require more time and effort, but in the end, it all worth it.

Step 4 – Monitor Your Results:

It is very important to monitor the result to make sure that your strategy works well or not. It gives you an idea about the impact of your posting. You can easily compare the platforms which work best for you, and you can maximize your effort into those platforms. You will be aware of the impact of your social media presence.

Analyze Followers:

You can check the increase or decrease the post-activity according to your schedule. A higher rate of engagement means people finding your content interesting. You can make decisions about your strategy, which helps you to meet specific goals.

A slowly fading interest in your content

By tracking results, you will find what type of content works best for you. It helps you to concentrate on more effective content. Make sure to engage more people and bring them into your circle. Watch click through to make sure that the interest of your audience doesn’t fade away.

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