The blood type diet is also known as the group diet, which was created by a naturopathic physician Dr. Peter D’Adamo. He claims in his book “Eat Right 4 Your Type” that your blood group determines what you should eat to live a healthier and longer life. He advises specific supplements that provide health benefits according to blood type that helps your body to digest food more efficiently. This diet promotes healthy eating, which reduces the chance of disease. There are four main types of blood groups A, B, O, and AB. In the blood type, diet food is divided into beneficial and harmful categories. People belonging to different blood groups digest lectins in different ways. Here’s what D’Adamo recommends for each type that what you can eat:

Type O blood:

Blood type O is associated with the oldest blood type and considered those people to have the strength and have a creative mind. According to D’Adamo, people with type O blood should eat lots of protein and focus on taking supplements. These supplements help to deal with health issues like digestive issues. 

The O type blood should be consumed: High protein diets like meat (particularly lean meat and seafood if you want to lose weight), poultry, fish, and vegetables. People should avoid grains, beans, wheat, corn, caffeine, alcohol, and dairy.

Type AB blood:

People whose blood is AB should focus mostly on tofu, vegetables, and seafood. Dairy, which includes yogurt and kefir, is also beneficial for health. You should avoid corn, beef, chicken, and smoked meats, which can cause stomach cancer. Dr. D’Adamo also recommends eating more frequent, smaller meals, and focusing on combining certain foods. Type AB should avoid eating starches and protein in the same meal, so food is digested efficiently.

Type B blood:

Dr. D’Adamo said that type B blood groups have fewer risk factors, and they are more mentally balanced, physically fit than other types of blood groups. He encourages this type of blood group to eat vegetables, eggs, low-fat dairy, and beneficial meat. People should avoid corn, wheat, lentils, tomatoes, peanuts, and sesame seeds because these foods cause more weight gain. Type Bs should avoid chicken; it leads to an immune disorder that can be very problematic. The people with blood group B are very successful in controlling weight.

Dr. Adamo thinks that food, according to your blood type, makes you feel better and less likely to have health problems. There is no scientific evidence of the blood type diet, but it simply emphasizes eating a healthy diet, which is beneficial to health. If you intake proteins in excessive quantities, it may lead to some other health issues. So take a blood type diet with your doctor’s advice.

Eating healthy food is very important; it helps our body to function properly and promote health, but there is a limit to eating them because overeating healthy food can be dangerous to health as junk food. Junk food is available everywhere; it contributes a lot of calories but little nutritional values. People who are addicted to junk food do not usually take fruits and vegetables. When it comes to losing weight, then the calories taken in must be less than calories burned.

The food which is labeled as healthy food you could not eat as much as you want to lose weight. No matter what you are eating, you must know about the portion size of the food, which is good because the excess will add fat, and you will gain weight. You can eat anything when you want to lose weight but in small portions. For example, if we compare the snickers bar and avocado, avocado has 320 calories, and the snickers bar has 215 calories; however, avocado is better for health.

If you overeat, then gaining weight is not only a problem, but it also causes uncomfortable digestive problems. It also leads to pain and discomfort because the excess weight puts pressure on the skeleton. When you gain weight, you may not feel confident about yourself, and this can lead to depression. Healthy food contains high fat, high-calorie food; the excessive quantity increases the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure. Due to overeating, some people feel sleepy.

Therefore you should eat healthy food in a portion size that leads to long term health. When you want to lose weight, you must keep in mind the quantity of food you can eat. Here is the food which you should not overeat.

Nuts have proteins, fats, and fiber, which provide many health benefits. So overeating nuts is not a good idea if you want to lose weight, and you should also avoid packaged nuts because it is harmful to health. You should eat a mix of nuts, almonds, walnuts, raisins, pecan, and pistachios.

Fruits have several vitamins, minerals, fibers, and antioxidants that provide many health benefits. If you eat large amounts of fruits like bananas, mangoes, grapes, the blood sugar level may rise and increase the chance of developing type-2 diabetes.

Protein-rich foods are very important because it is the building block of the tissues, cells, hormones which helps to function the body. Overeating of the proteins put a strain on the digestive system and kidney. So if you are overeating anything, you invite so many problems.

When it comes to eating healthy food, moderation is the best option, which helps you to stick to your diet and enjoy good health. You can eat anything you want, but you would eat as much, which helps you to lose weight.


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