An alternative for video collaboration:

Over the past month, many companies, businesses, employees, and students rely on the Zoom to contact family, friends, colleagues, meetings, interviews, and other purposes due to the ongoing pandemic. To continue daily workflow without disruption, zoom helps you to interact with co-workers or team virtually. Zoom gained popularity amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic because people suddenly started working from home. Zoom was also popular before the lockdown, but when everyone started working remotely, Zoom claimed that it has 200 million daily active users in march 2020. It is the number 1 app on the Google Play Store because it is easy to use.


Now zoom is facing privacy and security backlash because zoom’s default settings are not secure. Zoom has plenty of problems, but the most significant issue which attracts public attention is Zoom-bombing. Every call has an ID number between 9 to 11 digits meeting code, which is used to gain access. Researchers have found that meeting IDs are easily guessed and uninvited people, pranksters can join the meeting and use the screen sharing feature to disrupt the call. To avoid this situation, you can adjust the zoom’s setting according to your need and don’t share your id in public.

Last year Apple removed the zoom software from Mac due to privacy issues. Apple forced the zoom to make changes so Facebook can not collect the user’s data then the zoom app for ios is updated. According to a report by intercept, the other issue which is highlighted is that Zoom claims that meetings are secure with end to end encryption, but it does not use the end-to-end encryption. The company also uses the data for ad targeting. The other issue which is found is that companies leak email addresses with strangers. According to a report by vice, the problem is due to the company’s directory settings, which add the people who share the same domain.

After the privacy and security issues, the company started to focus on all the privacy issues and other issues to improve security. While zoom is the best option for video calls, but the zoom’s privacy policy is not user friendly. When we download the app, we permit the company to use our data. Here is the alternative video-conferencing option for staying connected.

Microsoft Teams:

Microsoft Teams is a chat-based collaboration that enables the people to work together, share documents, online meetings, and provide many other features for communication. Its app is simple and easy to use; you can communicate with your team by text or video meeting. Microsoft is customizable, which can be customized according to the unique business need of the organization. Teams have 44 million active users around the world, and it allows 250 people in the meeting. It is a highly secure solution that supports 2FA security and data encryption. This app provides the best functionality for business, but when individuals want to access, it requires downloading skype to attend meetings.


Skype can be used for video chat; it allows 50 people in video conferences and 150 people in chat. It does not provide end-to-end encryption, but it provides many useful features that include document sharing and screen sharing. Skype is not the best option for large organizations.

Group FaceTime:

Facetime is a video call application that was developed by Apple. If you use Apple products, Facetime can be used for video chats. In a Group Facetime, you can add 32 people. To make an audio or video call, you just need a number or email address because it does not allow people to join by link. It is highly secure because it provides end to end encryption, and the company can not see the data you are sharing.


The other useful option for a video call is a signal, which is the most secure app from the open whisper system. It supports video collaboration and end to end encryption that nobody can get your data. You can share messages, photos, video, and chat. It is free to download, but it does not provide the facility of group video chat.

Google Hangouts:

Google Hangout is also the best option to communicate with people for those who use Gmail. You can initiate voice, text, video chat in a group, but it allows 150 people to participate in a conversation and 25 people in a video call. It also provides the facility of live stream meeting up to 100,000 people. Google also provides its premium version of hangout free G-suite users. The disadvantage is that it does not use end-to-end encryption.

Jitsi Meet:

Jitsi is an open-source, free video call app, which is the best alternative to Zoom. Its best quality is security, and it provides high-quality audio-video calls on all devices. It is open-source so people can run and install their version. Jitsi does not store any personal information and destroy all the data when the meeting is over. The information such as email or name only shares with participants.


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